Monday, October 1, 2007

For Titles Sake

It’s time I gave it to you straight. These lists are in no particular order. Okay.
Part 1. COLLEGE.

These schools are the correct ones to cheer for.
The University of Kansas
Emporia State University (though I expect them to win, but always fun to watch, and yeah, I know, Leon Lett went there.)
Notre Dame (only in football…well, that and badminton.)
Dartmouth (come on, give them a chance to win the Ivy League like they deserve)

These schools are Evil, and wrong to cheer for:
North Carolina (obviously)
Duke (who doesn’t hate them?)
Any team from Florida, especially the Gators. KU Still has the last laugh on the Gators, by the way, beating them when they were number 1.
Kansas State
Penn State (mostly because it’s in a town called University Park…idiots)
Yale (I partied in Cambridge, I didn't want to get out of the car in New Haven)
Washburn (that’s right, they made the list, the bastards)
Princeton (ever met anyone from there? I bet they were smarmy)
Ohio State (that's right, I hate THE Ohio State University)
Michigan (even though they had the fab five, but they hate Notre Dame. I have enough sense to hate them back)

Pretty Bad, but not entirely evil.
University of Wisconsin (Madison…fuck the badgers. They always screw up my bracket. And their fans are annoying.)
Any school in Texas (don't deny it)
University of Arizona (she knows)
U of Maryland (I just don’t like them)

As usual, the bad guys outnumber the good guys. But, now that you know which teams to cheer for, keep fighting the good fight and the good guys can win.


jae hak said...

Missouri should be number one. Really, they should be their own category of hatred. FSU and Duke are bullshit, but even they deserve better than being grouped with Missouri.

Penn State's in College Station.

Texas should absolutely be on the top level of hatred list. Probably A&M too. Colorado, Northwestern, BC, and fucking Syracuse certainly deserve mention too.

And come on, no love for Navy? Aren't they due in the Patriot League?

The rest of the list seems pretty spot on.

jae hak said...

shit, I mean State College for PSU. Even worse.

JUSTIN said...

Leave Wisconsin out of this.

Julia Dossett said...

I see my alma mater (University of Illiniois) didn't make the list. This must be because our football team hasn't been a true force to be reckoned with since the late eighties. Ugh. Basketball, on the other hand, has been decent in the last decade.