Thursday, September 20, 2007

Half Your Age + 7

So, on the bus Friday morning (everything seems to happen on the bus) this couple gets on. The girl: 25, tops. The guy: 55, minimum. He could have been 65. I don't know. But they were obviously together. I mean, I expect that kind of shit in Texas, but on the bus to downtown Chicago? It threw me for a loop. Now, I was always told growing up (I actually don't remember who told me this, maybe some drunk on the street) that the youngest person you could date was half your age plus seven. So, in my case, 26, I could date a 20 year old. I don't by any means swear by this rule, but it makes more sense than an old man with a chick my age.

I think just about every girl I've been out with dated one guy that was a little bit too old for them at the time. Why did you date a 27 year old when you were in High School? What the hell was that guys problem? Can you imagine dating a teenager now? I mean, no way I'm buying wine coolers.

Also, I've been meaning to pimp my friend Armin's blog. He's a great writer, and fun to read. Read all about his trip from New Jersey to California on a bicycle here:

I'm in the Steel City until Monday, so until then...

Go Bears. Go Cubs. Loose Brewers (sorry Moods).

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Gia Geor said...

I see no problem with age, if someone makes you feel good, who cares what age they are! I am being pursued by a 70yr old and I am 37yr old, he makes me feel so good, like no man before him has (30-45yrs).