Friday, September 14, 2007


on the neighbor tip, let's not forget the guy down the block in lawrence that burned his parent's house down in an effort to kill them. i never met the cat, but he had to have been a strange one.

right now, my neighbor situation is quite different than it was in lawrence or chicago. it's a building of large studio apartments that they call an officetel, each apartment pretty much the same. the mix in the building seems to be korean families (which i have virtually no contact with ever) and people like me. and by people like me, i mean 20-something foreigners (i.e. non-koreans from english-speaking countries) that live alone and work as english teachers. so really, my living situation now is closer to dorm life than anything, only everybody is old enough to drink, everybody does drink, and nobody has a roommate. so, unlike usual, i'm actually friends or co-workers with many of my neighbors, and of the people in my building that i hate (it's just this one dude) i don't hate him because of any usual neighborly stuff. no, i hate him for the same reason i hated any of my peers in college, because of drama over girls at the bar. that, and he's a bit of a chode.

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