Thursday, September 13, 2007

summer - asia style

i agree with mr. kickass. while this sumer certainly, easily beat out the summer of 2005, when my entire summer of fun was condensed into one overnight roadtrip to indiana beach, this summer certainly lacked in any sort of "north to the lake" adventure. though i didn't have an apocolyptic event like the mr. kickass's aforementioned flood to dampen my summer (quite a pun there, eh?) most of my summer was brought down by the little things. maybe my expectations were too high, coming off the best spring of my life. but, i was ill for much of june, and then i bought a computer, so i was broke in july, and i had to save money in august for my thailand trip. and yeah, i know that any summer that includes the phrase "my thailand trip" cannot catagorically suck. but, sadly, no winnie, no kara, but at least no margaret fahrquhar.

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