Tuesday, September 11, 2007


It’s not that the summer has gone by too fast, though it has, or that I took it for granted, though I did a little…But this summer lacked adventure. I’ve been watching The Wonder Years lately (2 episodes every night on Ion! Thanks Julia) and Kevin Arnold is always looking for excitement. Instead of going to work, he turns his car around and drives north to the lake.

This summer started out promising. I took a trip with the guys to Atlantic City in late May. A great start, but it was pretty much downhill from there. I started a grown-up 9-5 job in mid June. Granted, we lost a lot of our summer when our apartment flooded…But, yesterday, when I felt that first cold wind, I couldn’t help but start to miss the Summers I haven’t had for a while. Summers that included drinking beer on my front porch, house parties next door, everyone outside listening to music. Things are different now. Weekends are shorter. Work has eclipsed summer fun. At least football season has started. Maybe we can get together every Sunday and start some new traditions.

In closing, if you want to read a great interview about life and writing, check out what Steven Dietz has to say. It’s rather inspiring.


Julia said...

The great thing about ION? You can get it without cable...I can still watch Kevin in my apartment!

slug vs. salt said...

yes, you're right. you're never going to get those summer days back. but you know what you will get if you live long enough? early bird specials at denny's. that's gonna be sweet.