Monday, September 10, 2007

The Worst Day in Sports Ever?

Yesterday. Sunday. September 9th, 2007. What went wrong? Everything.

1. To start the day, the Kansas City Chiefs (granted, not a good team, but should be able to RUN over the Texans) almost get shut out after missing a 30 yard field goal to open the game.

2. In the middle of the day, the Chicago Cubs get spanked by the Pirates of all teams. Really? The Pirates? Last I checked, they were in last place...well, now they're second last. And we lose our first place status in the tightest division race I've ever seen. At least the Cubs could have won, for Gods sake. Give us some hope.

3. The Bears. What the fuck happened to our offense? We used to have one. A pretty good one, one scored touchdown(s). I need some answers on this one. Sure, they were playing the best rushing team in the league, a team that went 14-2 last year, an even better record than the Bears. But, we SHUT LT DOWN. They did it. They did their jobs. He got maybe 12 yards in the first half. That's unheard of. But our offense blew it. And it wasn't Rex's fault. Lovie. Give me a call man. I have some ideas. Number one on the list is to not run the same play 2nd, 3rd and 4th down. I can't even get away with that shit in Madden or Techmo Bowl. God knows they'd be calling my play, as was San Diego.

4. Going back to Saturday - Notre Dame. Sure, yeah, "It's a rebuilding year." Right. That still doesn't make it okay to go 8 quarters without an offensive touchdown. Where are the offenses? They play Michigan this weekend, and the good thing is they have the same record.

5. I lost my fantasy football game. In both leagues I'm in. And I scored 97 points for Gods sake. MY offense is scoring points, and I have the Bears D. Come on.

There is hope. The Kansas Football Jayhawks are 2-0, which is equivalent to the Royals being only 2 games back. Just doesn't happen, I don't know what to do. Also, today the Cubs CRUSHED the Red Birds of St Louis 12-3. Pass me an Old Style.

Now I can sleep.

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