Friday, October 26, 2007

DMZ/North Korea pics

The building is on the North Korean side, a couple KPA (Korean People's Army, or North Korean soldiers) and some obviously high ranking dude in a suit. Can't quite tell, but one of the KPA's rifle may be pointed right at me.

This guy is South Korean Military Police, and hard to tell by the pic but probably 6'6. I didn't want to move in any closer for the picture. This is the room that straddles the border between north and south. The soldier is standing right on the line, I am north of him, technically in North Korea.

The door to North Korea.

The world's tallest flag pole. Good thing it was a windy day, apparently the North Korean flag weighs 600 pounds. This is the "Propaganda Village." None of the buildings have windows.

The MDL, or border proper. The small concrete divider between the buildings marks the border. The soldiers are South Korean. Like I said, I was hoping to see the classic stand-off I'd heard about, but the KPA border guys must be on break. In fact, the South Korean soldiers are only right on the border like that when there is a tour group.

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