Thursday, October 4, 2007

Part Set

Part III - Korean Baseball

Teams that are RIGHT:
Kia (Gwangju) Tigers - Really, the team I randomly decided to like, mainly because they have the hottest cheerleaders.
Doosan (Seoul) Bears - Gotta go for a hometown team.
LG (Seoul) Twins - But, I have no loyalty here, so may as well go for both hometown teams. Tehy play in the same stadium. If one of them played on the north side of the river where I live, I would certainly cheer for that team wholeheartedly and hate the other one. The knock on this team - they're called the Twins, and I really don't care for LG products.

Teams that are OKAY:
Hyundai (Suwon) Unicorns - I mean, they are called the Unicorns. That's just hilarious.
Hanhwa (Daejon) Eagles - I really don't care about this team at all.

Teams that are WRONG:
Lottte (Busan) Giants - I'm just jeolous that Busan, Korea's second city with 1/3 the population of Seoul, seems to draw more fans than the Seoul clubs.
Samsung (Daegu) Lions - The Evil Empire of Korean baseball, they have all that Samsung money.
SK (Incheon) Wyverns - Everybody who has played Dragon Warrior knows it's always bad when a Wyvern draws near.

That's it. that's the whole league.

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