Sunday, October 7, 2007

Wrigley is Dark

The first pitch of the game was a homerun, but not for us.

The Cubs made it so far, and were red hot in September. To watch a team crumble like that, especially in our house, was awful. It's really depressing actually. Yeah, last year they finished in last place in their division, and this year in first, but hopes were so high in Chicago. Walking around Wrigleyville 5 hours before the game started, people were excited. This town was on fire. High fives in the street- everyone smiling. By game time we were so fired up, the game was already won in our minds. But, the baseball gods had other plans last night. They wanted the other team to celebrate on our field.

Next year, it will officially be 100 years since they've won a World Series. That could make a good story...

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