Friday, December 28, 2007

Close Game

There I was, in double overtime, down by two points. Rush is well guarded. Chalmers hands the ball off to Robinson for a wide open 3. He misses it. Kaun grabs the rebound and calls time out with 4.7 left on the clock. He’s been getting blocked all night inside. Too risky to put it back up. I pass it in to Rush, who drives, then kicks it out to a wide open Case in the corner. He buries the triple as time runs out. The Kansas Jayhawks stay undefeated.

Quite an exciting game I played last night against Boston College. I’m a few games ahead of the real KU in my season. I’m of course talking about the video game College Hoops 2K8, but stay with me.

If I was watching this game in real life, I probably would have shit my pants. KU was down by 3 in regulation, and Rush sends it to OT. Similar scenario in the first OT, but Chalmers was the hero. In real life, I hate overtime to begin with, because it’s so risky. You don’t want to see any mistakes.

The question is this: Do we want to watch our team just CRUSH their opponent, or do we secretly want a close game, with that last second shot, knowing we have a chance to loose. The latter of course does make the game more exciting, and you can enjoy the victory a lot more. I think it depends on the circumstances. If your favorite team is playing their bitter, evil rival, (I don’t know who is more evil than Mizzou) and they just murder them from the start, that’s exactly what you want. It’s bragging rights, it’s revenge, it’s fun to watch the entire game, even when the scrubs take the court. Everyone is pumped up, even when they are up 100-34.

Of course, no matter who your team is playing, you immediately hate them until the game is over. At least I do. So in that case, you always want them to win by 73. But, the truth is, as long as they win, it can go to quadruple OT and it’s fine by me.

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