Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Dry Heat vs Dry Heat

I’m waiting at my gate for a flight to Arizona. The flight’s delayed, of course. Mine always are. The one good thing is the flight is not full. In fact, there are no B’s at all. No middle seats necessary.

I take a look at the gate next to us. They are overbooked. It’s the Friday night to Vegas. In their waiting area, there are guys in suits, girls in dresses, everybody ready to go out. Laughing. Excited. All of them attractive, young, and every ethnicity is represented.

I take another look at my side. Lots of old white guys either asleep or reading the paper, all wearing a holiday sweater.

The Vegas side is dressed to go out as soon as they land. They’ll probably get the party started in the air. ipods and Sunglasses. No one’s going to bed any time soon. In their immediate future, I see cubes of ice with the last remains of their first drink. My immediate future? Working, on my own stuff, which is good, but not nearly as fun or exciting. I’m watching the people at the gate next to us thinking about the time they are gonna have vs the time I will have over the next 72 hours.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could change your mind after you went thru security? If your boarding pass would get you on any plane? Hmm...San Diego sounds better than Cleveland. Ship it. I don’t know if I’ve ever been to the airport and not wanted to change my destination. The option you don’t plan on is automatically more adventurous.

In fact, I think I’ll slide over and join the party. You can find me at the Mirage. Just ask for Joe Kickass.


So, on Monday before we left, I ended up being forced to go to the University of Arizona’s campus, and if that wasn’t bad enough, having to go into their gift shop. But, fret not, my friends. I was prepared. I had on my blue KU shirt. I made sure to unzip my hoodie so everyone could see it. How foul is that? I got a bunch of strange looks. Honestly, I can’t believe nobody said anything…actually, what could they say? “You guys suck…at 10-0…after beating us…yeah…”

Rock Chalk, baby.


slug vs. salt said...

did the old ball and chain make you cross into the land of the sun devil?

PropTart said...

First of all the U of A is Wildcat country and not those dirty sun devils. The Wildcats are tough and they'll be back to crush KU in good time.