Tuesday, December 4, 2007

My 2 cents

On Kickass's last post.

1. I beat Grid Irony also. Too bad my team is absolutely terrible and pretty much squandered a playoff spot.

2. No Mizzou. Good times. But, I also have nothing more to say here.

3. The Kansas basketball Jayhawks have just beaten 2 solid teams, and with our two best players injured. Just sayin.

4. Um, no question on the evil factor between Arizona and USC. USC could beat Notre Dame for the next 100 years (and may well, it seems) and that still won't be anywhere close to the 1997 KU-Arizona game, which was unquestionably the most painful and evil game in the history of sports. That game was far worse then the Lin Elliot game and the Bartman game combined. Lute Olsen and his great hair can go to hell. That said, USC certainly gained some evil points by signing Lil' Romeo.

5. I watched the end of the Monday Night game. I don't like the Ravens, and I have roto interests on New England so I don't despise them this year. But I have to say, since not a single sports writer has (including in the Baltimore Sun) - The Ravens got jobbed. They made plenty of mistakes, which is going to happen with Kyle Boller under center. But, the Ravens did stop the Patriots on 4th down THREE TIMES during the course of New England's winning drive, and each time the refs found a reason to overturn the play. The last call, on 4th an 5 or whatever with 30 seconds left, the illegal touch call that gave New England the first down seemed to be a very ticky-tack call, and not one a ref should make in such a situation (the closing seconds of a close game.) Of course, it's in the league's best interest for the Patriots to win, undefeated teams get huge ratings since everybody wants to see them lose. Maybe the ESPN announcers somehow made sense out of these calls, but watching the game with Korean announcers, all I had to go by was what I saw.

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