Thursday, December 6, 2007

Not Arm Out. Arm in.

That’s how my friend Armin told me to say his name when I first met him in Baltimore. I spent one year in Baltimore, and it was a strange, yet essential time for me: The first year out of college. Living at the parent’s house. Moving somewhere with no friends, no school, and no job, but a lot of ideas.

I interned at a great theatre, but was working for peanuts. Made just enough to shoot pool and go to the bar on dollar bottles night. Through somebody I worked with, I met a group of about ten kids that had nothing to do with theatre, and loved to go out. Half of them lived in a big Convent, where the best parties were, and by the end of my year in B-more, I had my own room there. I hope my picture is still on the door.

I planned on leaving after a year (to get my shit together, is what I kept telling myself) and I’m glad I stuck to it. More than a year at the Rent’s house would not be good for anybody.

It’s always weird to re-trace your steps, and think how things happened the way the did. If I wouldn’t have interned at The Everyman Theatre, I never would have met all the friends I made. Almost everyone I knew left Baltimore at the same time, and a lot of the connections I made died then, except for a few emails. Aaron is still here, Adam’s not far, and it was good to see half the crew in Chi-town last year, but I have no idea what Mikey or Vanessa are up to these days. I’ll have to visit Ross and Armin out west soon.

Of all the people I met, Armin and I stayed in contact the most since our time in Charm City in 2003-04. Since we are both writers, (him novels, me scripts) we decided to collaborate on a project years ago. I think in 2005, Armin came to Chicago and the project was born…

Shit…Blogs are supposed to be short. Stay tuned for part II. While you’re waiting, please enjoy some shameless self promotion.

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