Monday, December 31, 2007

Shit List

Similar to the doughebaggery, I'm adding people to my shit list.  Here are some new additions in no particular order. 

1.  Three Doors Down.  Yeah, we all loved Superman, but keep that awful song about joining the army the hell away from me when I'm at the movies.  I don't need to watch the full video before the previews start.  I'd rather watch those god awful body spray commercials they used to show.  And that's saying something.  

2.  Anyone one who works at The Apple Store, ESPECIALLY those smarmy pricks behind the Genius Bar.  Have you ever had a conversation with any of them?  First of all, it would help if you had a few drinks before you talk to these cock bags, but no, the genius bar is too smart to serve alcohol.  They want to look down at you for asking them questions, after you waited in line for about 35 minutes.  My friend Margot asked an employee (not a genius) a simple software question, and they guy was like "how can you not know this!?!?!?".  In the words of my stock broker...what a dick.  

3. The Patriots.  Yeah, 16-0* but just as evil as the Dolphins.  Fuck the pats.  

4. The Host at Nookies Tree.  (Yes, unfortunately it's actually called that)  That asshole gave us one of those over sized beepers that buzz you when your table is ready.  He promised us a "ten minute wait", never buzzed us, then crossed us off the list.  Congratulations.  You're a shitty host.  That's why I stole your beeper.  

In other news, I just finished watching Sicko.  It's damn good.  Check it out.  

*You know what the * means, Belichick.  

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