Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Dead to me

Before moving on with my Philippine adventures, I need to comment on the current state of college football. The Kansas Football Jayhawks end the season at number 7. Number fucking 7.

Posnanski (KC Star writer) laid this out pretty well last week. THE Ohio State University loses to a crappy Illinois team at home for their first loss of the year, and the Kansas Football Jayhawks lose to a territorial, pro-slavery though (it pains me to say this) not horrible team on a neutral field for their first loss of the year the following week. After this loss, KU was number 5 and TOSU was number 3. Both teams are idle the next week, KU because one of the other 5 Big 12 North teams happened to be a top-5 team, and TOSU because the Big 11 doesn't have a championship game. Somehow, after both teams being idle, TOSU moved up to number 1 the next week, while KU fell to number 8.

The Kansas Football Jayhawks proceed to beat #3 Virginia Tech in the Orange Bowl, while TOSU gets absolutely murdered by a 2-loss team in the "Championship" game. 2-loss LSU ends up at 1, 2-loss Georgia ends up at 2 on the strength of crushing an undefeated though basically division-2 Hawaii team , 2-loss Southern Cal ends up at 3 after crushing the same mediocre Illinois team that beat TOSU (and in a virtual home game for USC, no less. Oh yeah, they did lose to god-awful Stanford at home, so anything can happen.) The 2-loss territorial slaveowners end up at number 4, but again, they were'nt horrible, so I can accept this. They should probably be higher, actually, much as I hate to say it. TOSU ends up at number 5, and 2-loss West Virginia, who lost to two terrible teams this year, ends up at 6. Unreal that the Kansas Football Jayhawks can't crack the top 3, much less the top 5.

So my solution to the BCS? They are now dead to me. That's it. They have pulled some horseshit moves over the years, but this one marks the end. They join the Baseball Hall of Fame (after their unforgivable, unredeemable snub of Buck O'Neal) in organizations that have no credibility whatsoever, for good or for bad. I have no idea who has entered the Baseball Hall of Fame over the last 2 years. Why? Because to me, it doesn't exist anymore. And after this year, I will never know who wins the BCS championship? Why? Because it's not a championship, especially when all a team has to do to win it is hold the number 2 ranking at the right time for a chance to beat the hell out of THE Ohio State University.

By the way, sports organization that is dangerously close to falling into the "Dead to me" category - The Kansas City Chiefs.

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Joe Kickass said...

You beat me to the punch. It’s fucking ridiculous that we are that low. Should we have tried to run up the score at the end? That would have been classy. Fuck you, BCS.