Monday, January 14, 2008

I hate goodbyes

It's weird. People come in and out of your life everyday, but sometimes you don't realize how much you would miss them until they aren't going to be around anymore.

This person is partially responsible for where I ended up. When I was still in High school, I auditioned and toured Emporia State. One stop along the way was to see Zoiks, the comedy-improv troupe, and I was immediately inspired to become a member. They had talent, and I wanted in.

This person was a mentor. Showing me the ropes, giving insight the teachers aren't going to spill, unlocking the secrets of the theater. Most importantly, they made the place feel more like home, while mine no longer existed.

They toured with me on my first real job in Chicago. Sure, it was hell, the producer lied to us, and the show was terrible, but we were in it together, which made it fun. Would we ever tour again? Fuck no. But we have those memories, and we can always look back and have a laugh.

I already miss my friend. Good luck, John. I hope we can hang out together again very soon.

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Jae-hak said...

John's leaving? Bummer. Where is he going? If the answer is Korea, then that would kick ass.