Sunday, January 6, 2008

MySpace and Mascots

Thanks for reading our 50th Post!

First off, I just want publicly state my favorite feature on MySpace. Whenever you read a bulletin, you might not notice it, but there are a two options at the bottom of the post. Option one, Reply to poster, Option two, Delete from friends. I love Option Two.

I love the idea that someone you probably know, or know well enough to have on your friends list can write a post on MySpace that can piss you off enough that you immediately want to delete them from your friends list. And this must happen often enough that there is a need for a button on all bulletins. I wonder how many friends dropped me from Bulletins I posted. Hopefully at least a couple. I know I've used it more than a couple times. Once, to test it out when I first noticed it. Really? Delete from friends? Okay... And, sure enough, they were gone. Sorry about that Davenport. Send me another friend request will ya?

So, I recently had a discussion with some friends about College Mascots. Both of them had the same mascot, being "the wildcats." First off, what the hell is a wild cat? Is that when a house cat becomes an outdoor cat or something? Second off, guess which two schools I was talking about? You can't do it. There are at least a hundred wildcats. It's unoriginal.

But...(you knew I was going to end up here)...if I mention a Mascot such as, I don't know, The Jayhawks, you're not going to say, "Oh, which one?" There's only one. It's a creative mascot. There's also The Illini, which I like because you immediately know which school I'm talking about. Other Mascots I like include The Cardinal (because it's so ridiculous with no S on the end), The Crimson (because the geniuses at Ha'vad couldn't think of anything else) and the Fighting Irish (that little prick will kick your ass...well, not this year. But I wouldn't want to run into that Leprecon in a dark ally).

Stupid Mascots: The Tigers, The Ichabods (Washburn bastards), The Sun Devils, and the Buckeyes. Well, that covers the BCS game Monday night. Go LSU...I guess.

Well folks, that's all I got. I'm finishing up shooting a short film this week, so I will likely be out of commision. Jae-Hak will have to take over this week. If you haven't watched the teaser for You Can't Outrun Bullets, watch it here. Vote for it on YouTube!

-Mr. Kickass

Oh, I almost forgot. The Tar Heels Mascot is fucking stupid. Stop wearing their shirts immediately. Thank you.

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Terra said...

Remind me to tell you the story about the Buckeye mascot after a Pitt game back in my college days.

A buckeye has got the the worst of the worst mascots. It's a nut. Did you know that? Yay Nuts! Go nuts! Go, Fight, Nuts!