Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Cowboys and Bullets

Ahhh, Vegas. Where else can you drink while standing on a moving walkway - and fit in?

It was a good trip. And, sticking to the high-fidelity that this blog is, here are the top five moments of the trip.

1. Aces over Kings. While the girls were seeing Love, I was playing in a cash game at the Mirage, one of the most famous poker rooms in Vegas. There were a few pros floating around the tables, luckily no one famous sitting next to me. I had been card dead the first hour, literally getting 7-2 (the worst starting hand in poker) 4 times. It was only fair that I would pick up pocket rockets in my big blind, after the small blind raises it to 12. I re-raise to 25, he calls. The flop comes 5-8-J rainbow. He checks to me. I bet 35. He moves all in for 110 more, and I call instantly. He flips over pocket kings for the second best hand, the aces hold up, and I double up.

2. Ghost Bar. You may know this bar from the real world, which I have to admit is where I first learned about it, but it kicks ass. Check out the picture to the left. The Ghost Bar is on the 55th floor of the Palms Casino. The view and the drinks were stella. Nothing like toasting over the bright lights.

3. Binions / Old Vegas. What a great place, complete with light shows on the ceiling. Not to mention the home to the first world series of poker. The famous cowboy is also here, and the gift shop he lives on is a good time. I was too hung over to enjoy all the light shows (or not fucked up enough to enjoy it, however you want to look at it).

4. Blackjack at The Golden Nugget. I was sitting at a table with one other dude, and we were getting our ass kicked by one dealer, but then the shift changed. The second dealer immediately gave both of us a BJ…errr…a 21 (this is Vegas after all) and after that first hand she was called away to another table. The third dealer (in three hands) crushed us. She had 16 – and hit an 5. 12 and hit a 9. Just sick. But I had one questionable situation, so I asked my new buddy for advice. I had split 7’s with a 6 showing. The first card was a three. Me: Hey, should I double down here? Him: Hell yes, man. It’s called gambling.” We ended up pushing on the hand, and even though I lost at the table in the long run, it's good to know we’re not alone in this fight.

5. The Bellagio Lunch Buffet. Worth every penny. We were there over 2 hours. The food might have been better than Bobby Flay’s place that we hit on the first night at Caesars, though Bobby does make a killer margarita. This is a must hit on every trip from here on out.

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