Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Rock Chalk!

By the way, contrary to popular opinion (at ESPN, SI, CBS, even the KC Star), you can see clearly here that Kansas WON the game, not that Davidson lost it. I hated every second of this game other than the last one. But, just to be clear, and the video shows this, Curry didn't give up the ball at the end because he was scared to take it, he gave up the ball because of the suffocating defense of Rush and Collins. Curry never had a chance at the shot, nor did the other guy who actually missed. I didn't realize this at the time and thought we got lucky, but after watching the replay 15 or 20 times, it wasn't luck. The shot had no chance.

Also, this was a tough, tough game. Everyone said KU got lucky to play a 10 seed. Bullshit. I would have much rather seen Wisconsin, we'd have beaten them by 15. Hell, if not for some of the worst officiating I've ever seen, we would have beaten Davidson by 10. KU plays Wisconsin in Detroit, 30,000 people tops show up. We played Dacidson, and 57,000 people came, and everyone who wasn't affiliated with KU were cheering for Davidson. Props to Gus Johnson though. The national storyline was Davidson as a team of destiny and KU as the bad guys, and Gus called the game fairly and evenly throughout.

By the way, after this KU-Davidson experience, I think I'm done with underdogs in college hoops. With seven Final 4 appearances and fifteen Sweet 16 appearances in my basketball lifetime, Kansas, the only college hoops team that matters, are clearly an overdog. Sorry George Mason, I cheered for you over UCONN in the 2006 Regional Finals, but I now retroactively throw my support behind the Huskies despite a loosing effort. From now on, in the tourney, the only time I will cheer for a "mid-major" to beat an elite school (for the record, that list is Kansas, Kentucky, North Carolina, UCLA, and Indiana. Even Duke is noveau riche in my book) is when I have money on the underdog. Unless the mid-major is Southern Illinois, Murray State (don't count out the Racers!) or coached by someone with a KU connection. Or unless said mid-major is playing Carolina.

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