Thursday, May 1, 2008

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It’s been 3 weeks, but still not a day has gone by that I haven’t thought about the Kansas Basketball Jayhawks. I watched the latter part of the game again last night, starting from Roses’s non-3. And yes, I still got pretty fucking nervous about it, and yes, I did audibly cheer Chalmers’ shot. If you haven’t seen it yet (today), scroll down, it’s on this page a couple times.

I saw an interesting ajoshi drama the other day. Ajoshis are middle aged Korean men. It’s a word to describe all of them, but amongst foreigners, the word has a different connotation. When we think ajoshi, we think middle-aged guy in a suit passed out on the street, or middle aged guy hocking a loogie, or middle aged guy in full hiking regalia to climb a mountain that takes somebody as horribly out of shape as me a couple hours to climb - in street clothes, of course. Anyway, there were two drunken ajoshis on my subway car, one in a suit who was clearly less drunk, and one in sweats who was completely plastered. Sweats kept getting up and stumbling all over the car and falling on people, and Suit kept trying to rein him in and bring him back to his seat. They seemed to yell at each other a little bit, but not much. At some random stop, Sweats gets up and heads to the train exit. Suit follows him, and they wrestle a bit in the doorway. Sweats squirms away, and steps off the train, and moves a couple feet away from the train and faces Suit. Suit also moves back, into the train, but stands, looking at Sweats through the open doorway. They stare at each other, not angrily, but sadly. the door closes, and they still gaze forlornly through the window. The train starts to move, and sweats starts stumbling to the stairs, while Suit still stands and watches him. After we were clear of the station, Suit sat down again. The whole scene was strangely heartbreaking, though hilarious.

The Wonder Years is back on youtube. Every episode, in fact. I discovered this on Sunday, and probably spent no less than 9 hours watching it. On Monday after work - probably about the same. Despite it being one of the best five shows ever (by the way, gun to my head, The Wonder Years, The Simpsons, The Wire, The Price is Right, The Daily Show - wow, that’s five “the”s!), it’s pretty interesting to watch right now. Other than the epsiodes I taped (which was a lot) I haven’t seen most of the show since KCMO Channel 62 (channel 3 on Sunflower Cable) stopped showing reruns in 1994 or so. Kevin was 2 years older than me, but once the show started running on syndication in ’92, he was often the same age as me on reruns. Thus, I related to Kevin’s experience pretty closely, despite the fact that his experience occurred in 1968-1993, and I was watching it heavily on syndication in 1992-1993.

Watching it now - Kevin, especially in the early episodes, is the same age or just a year or two older than most of the kids I’m teaching. Another scary thing about watching this show while being old - the Mr. Collins/8th grade math teacher story arc. When the show was originally syndicated (though not when it originally aired) I was really good at 8th grade algebra. I got A’s in that class without even trying. Now, while watching Mr. Collins teach polynomials, I don’t have a fucking clue what he’s talking about. I even Wikipedia-ed it, and I still don’t remember or remotely understand them.

Of course, I also ended up watching the classic summer-girl episodes, featuring Teri with an “r-i” and Cara. Those, of course, really make me feel old. I mean, there’s no reason to watch them, since I’ve seen them no less than 9,000 times each and can still quote every single line, but I did it anyway. And really, that’s the best. Meeting some random girl, preferably local, while on vacation at some lake or beach, going out with her, and making out with her, when you are 13-16. That was pretty much the goal of my life in those days (as I took for granted my math ability) but it just never quite happened. Not the way it did for Kevin Arnold. Hell, the first time I finally succeeded in making out with a girl in Indiana Beach (the usual setting in my summer love pursuits) I was 23, and it was with some random girl I met at the bar. How boring is that?

I learned today that apparently, parents don’t let their kids climb trees anymore. What the fuck is up with that? Most people I know with kids don’t have kids of prime tree climbing age yet. I sure hope they don’t follow along with this horrible idea. There’s plenty of trees in China and Canada for paper and in Northern California for looking at. Trees in other places are there for climbing.

I’m going on a domestic Korea trip in a couple days. One I’ve actually been vaguely planning on for over a year. Hopefully, it should be cool, and I’ll have something worth talking about. I have another blog that I’m posting concurrently on myspace ( that I can’t post in this space, as it involves current goings on. If you are my friend on myspace, you can read it there. If not, friend me dog.

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Dark Tag said...

When I watch the KU-Memphis game, I still get mad, and actually yell at Billy Packer. What a fuck-wad. "Great no technical by the referee! CDR was mad at himself when he slammed the ball down. Great no call." Fuck you Billy. You were obviously cheering for the Tigers. And a tech is a tech. You don't have to state a fucking reason WHY you slammed the ball down. He didn't have a lawyer in a court. Billy, have fun on your date with Hightower and let me know who won the game.