Monday, May 19, 2008

Walking Uphill

I’m not really one for hiking on mountains (or, as I call it, walking uphill), but I had to hit up Wolchlsan, in the southern portion of the peninsula. Mainly, because there’s a kickass suspention bridge two thirds of the way up, which you can see in the picture below if you click on it.

A bridgeless Peak that I had no desire to summit

Like Hall and Oates said, so close, yet so far away. This is where it started raining, by the way, which wasn’t cool.

The final Countdown (do do do do, do do doot doot do)


That’s mostly rain, not sweat. Probably.

View from the bridge

Did I go on to the top? Of course not, it was pouring down rain at this point. Fortunately, I remembered my package of banana chips with a ziplock-type seal on it. I threw away all the chips, and put my camera, phone, and ipod into the bag. About $700 worth of quick thinking there, as I discovered there was standing water in my up-until-now waterproof backpack. My Lonely Planet was warped beyond recognition, but my cam, pod, and phone (aka, my whole life, pretty much) were safe. I headed back to my awesome love hotel and hopped in the coolest looking shower I’ve ever seen. As I have nowhere else to include that picture, here it is.

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