Saturday, June 14, 2008

Serious Business

I pretty much decided when I renewed my contract last year that I would spend 6 months fucking off and trying (occasionally) to learn Korean. After that, I would spend the next 6 months, you know, trying to figure out what the hell I’m doing with my life, or at least what the hell I’m doing with January, 2009. Somehow, that second 6 months is starting in a couple weeks, when I’ll have to buckle down for some Serious Business. As I’ve finally got a proper vacation set up for the end of August (yay! pretty sure I’m going to China), I have no great office battles left to fight, it’s time to start looking at the future.

There are endless possibilities for someone like me, entering my prime earning years. I could move back to Chicago/Lawrence/Baltimore/Florida and buy a car, crash somewhere until I get on my feet, and take some horrible job that I’ll invariably hate. Then again, I could skip the car, couch surf in Chicago/Lawrence/Baltimore/Florida and kill time until August, then go to grad school for two years and acquire a bunch of debt before landing a horrible job that I’ll invariably hate. Of course, I could always skip the car, move to New York and live off my Korean savings for a couple months before scoring a horrible job that I’ll invariably hate. I can’t leave out option D, in which I cruise down to Southeast Asia to dick around on the beach for a month or two (or three) then return to the US to dick around for a month or two (or three) before coming back to Korea for another year (or two) to save more money, before reverting to options A-C that result in the horrible job and inevitable hatred. Other options, a bit more far-flung, include going to Budapest to get a relatively cheap CELTA certification that would allow me to make Korea-level money teaching in more interesting countries, like Argentina or Thailand, or to make tons more money in Korea than I do now teaching at a university, with 4 months of paid vacation a year; or actually finding some sort of legitimate job in the states that I actually like. There’s always the lottery too.

There’s plenty more Serious Business that I’ll discuss later. It may seem, from this blog, that I never actually do any work, which is only partly true, and I’m working on something about my school. Plus, politics is Serious Business, as are riots, which are pretty much the order of the day here in the Dynamic Sparkle, though I think I may do some actual reporting on the ongoing Korean cow riots, which will include pictures. I know what I want to say on this issue, but I want to (maybe) check out Seoul’s nightly protests that are now approaching nightly riots. Should be good times, assuming I don’t get killed

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