Friday, July 25, 2008

Birthday This

I will now try to dive back into my memory and share with you what happened on each year’s July 25th.

1981 – I was born. That was cool.

1982 – I think I said the word “Key.” I was trying to unlock some shit.

1983 – I had to up and move to Kansas from the home I made in Illinois. Lost all my friends. Broke up with my girlfriend. It was rough. I was two.

1984 – Grew my hair out. Hippy.

1985 – Broke my leg.

1986 – I was still Celebrating the Bears Superbowl victory and doing the superbowl shuffle.

1987 – I hit my brother in the shin with a plastic golf club. It was, and still is to this day, the best shot I ever had on him.

1988 – I was in Michigan celebrating the Kansas Basketball Jayhawks victory with cake and ice cream. Thanks Frank. I also grew attached to a mini video golf game that was lying around…

1989 – Birthday Party at Le Mans. Me and Njoroge beat TMNT.

1990 – Another party at Le Mans. This time we beat The Simpsons Arcade Game.

1991 – Birthday party at Alladin’s Castle (formerly Le Mans). This is what I did. I was 10.

1992 – I went tubing on Lake Shafer, and rode everything at Indiana Beach.

1993 – I nearly got arrested for throwing a peanut from the skyride at Disneyworld. I think my picture is still up “behind the fence” where security officer John brought us.

1994 – I got my first zit. Welcome to the teen years.

1995 – Got together with friends from the Varsity South Junior High Basketball team. Go Cougars. There’s a great picture somewhere…remember yearbooks?

1996 – Went to my Aunt’s house in Virginia. Hit on my cousins’ hot friend, who was apparently a model. That didn’t work out. But we did make a kick-ass video. What ever happened to that, by the way?

1997 – I was in Seattle visiting my bro at college. I drank my first beer at 16.

1998 - Hung out with Jason, Kris, and Will. There might have been an egging.

1999 – Partied like I just graduated High School…with beer stolen from parents’ fridges. Cause I’m 18 and I just don’t know what I want.

2000 - Just finished summer theatre in Emporia. First party at the Purple House. Trashcan punch party. Bring a clear liquor or something fruity.

2001 – One night left of summer theatre, we went to Desperados for Karaoke. I shared a birthday with the director. We got loaded. It was a great time. Kristen parked her car at my place (thanks for the ride home) and I told her she could leave it there, blocking the sidewalk. She got a ticket the next morning. I still feel kinda bad about it.

2002 – Twenty First at midnight. Saw Leader of the Pack at ESU Summer Theatre, then had one last illegal beer on our porch at 11 PM. Went to Babes at Midnight, and had 21 shots bought by 21 different people. A great time...till they caught up with me. I remember trying to play pool right before they closed, and not being very good at it. Some pictures to follow, thanks to Tara for bringing a camera. And thanks to Justin for keeping me alive.

2003 – Grew my hair out again. Hippy. On my actual birthday, I went to Town Royal with some friends. It kinda sucked. I turned 22. Not nearly as exciting as the year before.

2004 – Birthday in Baltimore. More drunken pool. Arminious dared me to pee on a tree (at least that’s the way I remember it…it might have been more like, “Hey Armin, do you dare me to pee on this tree? Cause I’ll do it.) I don’t take dare’s lightly on my birthday. Then we hit up the T-Bell. Great time.

2005 – 24. Entering the Mid 20s in Chicago. Played in a Steppenwolf Softball game. Partied at the Holiday Club. Bartender Dave was working, luckily. Craig tried to ride his bike even though he was laying on the ground. Somehow I think I avoided the photo booth…or I lost the pictures. That seems more likely.

2006 – 25 on 25. Bash at Dave and Busters (Le Mans / Alladin’s Castle with a bar). Julia met us there for dinner first. Fun night. Nobody was able to beat me at racing. Somehow Michelle ended up with 100 thousand tickets. They let us stay after they closed to play with the golf simulator. Me, T-Mac and C-Bear.

2007 – Dave and Busters part 2. See a pattern here? The more we change… We closed the place out. Again, they let us stay well after they closed. Me, T-Mac and C-Bear were on hole 12 when they turned the lights off. Couldn’t leave before hitting it in on 18. The guy who worked there ended up watching us and getting into the game. I think I took it down…but my perception might be off.

2008 – The story hasn’t been written yet. But lets assume it will involve drunken pool and video golf.

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