Thursday, August 21, 2008

Leavin Town

I’m off again. Back on the road. I know it seems it’s all I ever do, but I’m still pretty excited about this trip. First, I’m going back to the BKK, then jetting off to Malaysia for 5 days as well. Flights to Bangkok were amazingly cheap last minute (don’t get me wrong, any air ticket out of Korea is a huge rip-off, but one must pay a huge premium to leave this Indiana-sized country. Then again, a drink at an airport bar is a huge rip-off as well, but I pay it, as boarding a flight sober is about almost as unpalatable as spending a week’s vacation at home) and I found an actual cheap flight from BKK to Malaysia. I had more written about this, but it was lame and dull so I cut it. Anyway, it’s my 8th and maybe final (for a while) international Asian trip, and also my most ambitious with two countries involved. This will either be a warm-up for a potential mega Southeast Asian run this winter, or a grand finale of sorts. Either way, I plan to do it up, and thus finally have something to write about.

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Buon viaggio!