Friday, October 10, 2008

Fun Web Searches for Our Site

So, I just recently (like, an hour ago) found a way to look at some stats for our lovely blog. There are a list of key words that people search for, and it shows you how many times somebody clicked on our google search link. The biggest traffic we get? People looking up the diggery do. Go ahead. Search for it. We are the number 3 slot that comes up. And if you search digger do instrument, we are number one.

Other funny search phrases that we get associated with:

myspace mascot
1974 baseball playoffs
3 different searches for "11 up"
nascar shit
air asia stewardess (okay, I'll fess up to searching for this one)
nintendo impersonators

and, my personal favorite, "dropout life ruined." I'll be damned if someone searches "happy flower paradise" and can find Nintendo is Right, Nascar is Wrong.

1 comment:

Jae-hak said...

We're down to 9 on diggery do now. In an attempt to appease our dwindling Aussie base, I will mention that I listen to a football podcast every day in which one of the co-hosts is the actual writer of Crocodile Dundee 2.

I also noticed that on the diggery do post, I used the word "effected" when I actually meant to say "affected." This correction should spike our popularity among (or is it amongst?) grammar nerds.