Monday, October 20, 2008

World Series

I gotta say, the baseball gods surprised me on this one. For the first time in 15 years, I don't have some sort of personal vendetta against either team. I was certain after game 5 of the ALCS that Boston would be in it - and win it - again. Overdramatic comebacks is just what they do, like the Elway of baseball. Yeah, everyone loves a comeback, but in those cases, I hate the Red Sox, and I hate (not hated, still hate) John Elway.

X-Sports Korea (playoff baseball is always broadcasted on cable TV here, though at strange times) certainly thought Boston wold win. After the game, they showed highlights while playing the Dropkick Murphy's song Tessie, a song about the Red Sox and used in the horrible movie Fever Pitch (It was on HBO, I was in Baltimore with no money and nothing to do... shut up), clearly not thinking to change the song to something Tampa/St. Pete related (Glen Miller?) because to the Korean producers of the telecast, a western baseball song is a western baseball song. I gotta say, I loved listening to a song praising the Red Sox while watching highlights of them lose.

The only problem with two likeable teams - who to cheer for? Usually, this would be a no-brainer. The Phillies are a long suffering franchise from a real city with rabid and loyal fans, while the Devil Rays are a recent expansion team from a fake city in a horrible state with a domed stadium and legions of bandwagon fans, plus they changed their name to appease the religious right. They are more obnoxious than the Rockies in some respects, except for the fact that Colorado people, for the most part, are even more ridiculous than Florida people, and the fact that Rockies fan, by and large, like John Elway. Yet, I worked for the Devil Rays and attended over 50 of their games, including the last MLB game that I saw in person. Plus, despite their horrible previous records, they didn't just come out of the ether like last year's Rockies or the 2003 Marlins. They had been improving for years, despite their awful record.

Am I annoyed and perplexed that all 4 recent expansion teams have made it to the World Series while the Cubs keep getting swept and the Royals keep falling well short of the playoffs? Of course. I suppose, however, that I can bitch about the Royals ineptitude later, and the Cubs ineptitude for the rest of my life. Today, I'm just glad we have a series with two fun teams.

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Geneva said...

Sigh. The Royals. Sigh again.