Friday, November 21, 2008


First off, I would like to congratulate J Hak for breaking records. Job well done.

Picks for this week. Oklahoma will win at home against TT. It’ll be close, though. I was wrong last week, but again I like KC to beat Buffalo at home. This is Herm’s last year…right? The Titans will stay undefeated, and the Giants defense will be too much for Warner (and God) to handle.

And finally, I’m adding to my list of people I can do without. The new additions are:
Baristas that are jerks because “it’s their thing.”
Jokesters that have a quip ready for everything you say, and it’s painful to hear.
People who sit next to me on the train when there are many open seats.
Anyone who thinks Ohio State still deserves to play for the National Title.
Anyone who is in favor of the BCS.

One new addition to people I can do with: Anyone wearing a monocle.

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Jae-hak said...

a) dude, i don't post anything for a month, then you gotta go the next day? I demand comments from you and those you influence.

b) i agree, oklahoma will win, though i want tech to. i don't know why.

c) baristas who are jerks because "its their thing" - this was perfected by one dylan coursen in the late 90s, i can't hold a grudge now.

d) i'll never understand people that sit next to you when there are seats available. fortunately, nobody will sit next to me here unless there's no room to stand on the bus/subway, as most Koreans are afraid of whiteys.

e) nobody thinks Ohio State deserves to play for the national title.

f) I'm in favor of the BCS. They selected us and rejected Missouri.

g) what's wrong with monocles? it was the trademark of our last decent republican president (TR) other than Ike.