Monday, December 8, 2008

Stuff I'll miss about Korea

-Soju. Getting plastered for 2 bucks is awesome.
-Short skirts, even in the winter. It’s fantastic, really
-Late night bars. 2 a.m. last call will be a rude awakening. I often don’t even go out until 2.
- Convenience store tables. This is a brilliant idea that every country should immediately adopt. Sitting at a table of friends out front of Mini Stop drinking beer and soju rules.
-Transit. There’s no need for a car in this country. The subway goes everywhere, taxis are dirt cheap and surprisingly honest (I’ve passed out in them and gotten home for a fair fare).
-In-country travel - There are cheap trains and cheaper nonstop buses leaving Seoul for every city of note in the country pretty much every 5 minutes. Once I get to wherever it is I’m going, I can get a decent motel room with a big bed, a big TV, a high-end shower and free porn in the center of whatever town I’m in for $30 a night.
-Easy to meet girls, and getting phone numbers usually just requires holding my phone out.
-Internet. Yeah, the internets are everywhere, but here there’s an internet cafe on every corner and free high speed wireless pretty much everywhere.
-Barbecue. The crown jewel of Korean food. Great to go out with a group of people and cook samguepsal over charcoals. Ssamjon sauce and soju just improves it.
-Time. I wish I’d done a bit more with it since I have so much. My commute is 5 minutes by foot, and last month, including prep time, I spent 30 hours a week in the office. When I factor in commute, meetings, and built in lunch breaks at my previous job in Chicago, I spend half as much time working here.
-Noraebang. It rules.
-Cheap smokes. 2.50 a pack, for every brand, at every store, even the airport. Plus, I can smoke them most anywhere too.
-Of course, my friends here. One of them even once got me Taco Bell. A cool bunch.


Joe Kickass said...

Yes, but what are your top 5 breakfast cereals? Mine are:
1. Smore’s (The original, they don’t make it anymore. The remake you can buy now sucks.)
2. Count Chocula (Who doesn’t love the count?)
3. Frosted Flakes (I know a lot of people would go Lucky Charms here, but I just got so burnt out on these as a kid)
4. Fruity Pebbles (Also acceptable is Cocoa Pebbles)
5. Honey Nut Cherios (If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it)

Jae-hak said...

horseshit. Charms beats out Frosted Flakes. I eat Frosted Flakes every goddamn day here and hope to never eat them again once i leave. Kick out the Pebbles, replace with golden Grahams, and you got yourself a list.

Wildly underrated - Crispex and Honey Bunches of Oats.