Saturday, December 6, 2008

Well, my Korean time is nearing its end. in light of this, I've decided to make some useless lists. I'll start with the positive: Stuff I'm looking forward to in 'Merica

1. Taco Bell
1a. Taco Bell
2. Seeing friends, family, all that good stuff - preferably at the Bell

The others, in no particular order:
-Food variety in general (ie, not Korean, McDonalds, pizza, spaghetti, and cereal for every single meal)
-Easier access to, um, society?
-Cheap flights - I miss me some Southwest
-Music. I’m so out of the loop, I think I have maybe 20 songs on the pod that came out after 2006, most of which are shitty K-pop songs
-Pop culture in general
-Sports. I keep pretty damn up-to-date and I have a playoff-bound fantasy football team, but I’m excited to see live games at reasonable hours
-Sensible stores sell stuff I’d be interested in buying
-Regional variety - Korea is small enough that the weather is pretty much exactly the same all over the country all the time.
-Driers. I hate hanging my clothes.
-Ovens. They don’t exist here. Of course, I only use them for frozen pizza, but whatever.
-Karaoke - American style, where you sing to the whole bar
-Beer. Korean beer sucks and it’s overpriced at the grocery store

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