Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I don't know where to start. I presume I'll write something to discuss my re-adjustment and reverse-culture shock later. Today, I think, just pictures of the whirlwind. I've been in the US a little over two weeks, and I've already been to 11 states. As always, click the pictures to embiggen them. Here we go:

12/19/08 (though, technically at this point, 12/20) - my leaving town party at Noblock, Seoul, Korea

12/20/08, ICN airport, Incheon, Korea. Don was heading to the Phils, I was going to SFO.

12/20/08 Lunch at CC's with A-dub, San Francisco, California

12/20/08 Leaving SF for Oakland and points east. A-dub is driving, I'm on no sleep and in no condition to.

12/20/08 (still... srsly) Las Vegas, Nevada. A-dub and I on our way to winning at Bill's Gamblin' Hall, the finest casino in town.

12/21/08 outside Kingman, Arizona, where we would predictably meet a crazy drifter at Arby's.

12/21/08 Albuquerque, "New" Mexico

12/22/08 The self-proclaimed largest cross in the western hemisphere. Texas - where else?

12/22/08 Oklahoma City, OK. I guess they have some holy rollers there too.

12/23/08 Lawrence, Kansas - an exciting after-hours.

12/25/08 Baltimore, Maryland burbs - Mom's house, chock full of delicious dogs.

12/30/08 Chicago, Illinois. Obviously, the North Side.

12/31/08 Chicago - Downtown.

1/02/09 Chicago - South Side. Ring a bell, Jcak?

1/05/09 (today) St. Pete Beach, Florida. I spent the day riding a bike from beach bar to beach bar, and it was such a lovely way to spend the day that I may do it again tomorrow.

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Geneva said...

There's a NEW Mexico? Welcome back.