Monday, March 16, 2009

Bracket Takes

Here we go again, time for me to yell at the TV as they reveal this year’s college basketball bracket. As always, I’ll type as the bracket announcements are made. Right now, it looks like KU will be a 3, at least that’s what Bill Self said in an interview before the selection show.

First off, the one seeds. Louisville is one overall? Louisville? Memphis isn’t a one! Justice, those cheaters have no business being a one. Still, I don’t know about 3 Big East teams on the one line.

Oops, ended up having dinner with friends during the selection show, so this isn’t as to-the-minute as I planned. Still, at this point I’ve read minimal analysis about the matchups, so I’m kinda fresh, right? I’ll go region by region here.

Congrats to my buddy David’s American...uh, whatever the mascot of American University is... making the tournament, mostly because they kept Holy Cross out. Yes, I am so petty that I still hold a grudge against a team that KU defeated 7 years ago.
I’m, of course, mad about Duke going to Greensboro. Carolina too. Why does the state of North Carolina host games every single year? California doesn’t, nor does Texas. Cities in both of those states are much more populous, as well as more numerous. Why do Duke and North Carolina get de-facto home games every single year? God I hate the ACC.

This might be the easiest bracket I’ve ever seen. North Carolina is given a cakewalk. Gonzaga is a 4? I think clinton was president the last time Gonzaga got past the second round. Illinois is a 5, and they were once held to 33 points this season. Oklahoma claims KU and Texas should have asterisks for beating them when Blake Griffin was injured. Well OU, Griffin was playing when you got waxed by Missouri and lost to Okie State last week, wasn’t he? However, this Carolina team looks to be a classic Roy choke job in the making, and one of the awful 15 other teams will come out of this region.

There are some sneaky teams in this region, and plenty that I will be actively rooting against. Missouri gets Cornell. How the hell is an Ivy League team a 14? They should be in the play-in game. Academically, this game pits the best college in the field against the worst one. Missouri could end up playing Memphis in Glendale, Arizona, which would be fitting. The two phoniest teams in the field playing in the fakest, most pre-fab “city” I’ve ever been to.

I can understand sending Kansas to Minneapolis instead of Kansas City, our late losses at Texas Tech and to Baylor were pretty rough. However, why put us up against North Dakota State? It will be a virtual home game for them, Minneapolis is chock full of North Dakota people. We were sent closer to home then the cheating slaveowners, so why not give us Cornell and send ND State to a less homey environment? I’m pretty scared of our opener, and the bracket is pretty brutal after that. KU could lose to any one of these teams. Of course, I’m still picking them, but I do that every year.

My boldest prediction - This year will be the anti-last year. None of the one seeds will make the Final Four. The top seeds are far worse than last year’s, except that North Carolina is essentially the same team. My preliminary Final Four - Duke, Arizona State, Memphis, Kansas. I’ll probably replace Duke once gambling starts, just because I hate losing a pick because a team I dislike lost.


Deibbideu said...

We're Eagles, a lowly cousin of the Jayhawks.

Joe Kickass said...

I actually like Louisville being the overall number one. Who else would you give it to? Certainly not UNC. I was glad it was anybody but them. UConn is over-rated. They are beatable. Memphis totally got screwed.

AZ had no business even making the tournament – it should have been St Mary’s. AZ won 59% of it’s games…here’s a bid to the tournament! Granted, now I will be cheering for them against Utah as a 12-5 upset.

I’ve never seen such a tough bracket for KU. We couldn’t even draw an easy first round? Why do we always get the media’s baby? Last year we had to take out Davidson, so we had 49 states rooting against us. The refs like to lean towards the underdog too. The one good thing about this matchup is the announcer – we have Gus Johnson, who’s one of my favorites.

I like VCU over UCLA, Western Kentucky over IL (though this will be close), and Pitt over East Tennessee State. Seriously, I do.

I’m taking Friday off (stupid 11:30AM game…no way I’m just listening to it because our work computers are too slow for video) and cracking the first brew at 11…who’s coming with me?