Monday, April 6, 2009

Back to Work

Just callin' to say I'll call you later, Coursen style. I'm in Florida, at the Old Man's place, 6 weeks into living out of a suitcase (in Vegas, East Bay, Tucson, Lawrence, Topeka, St. Louis, and now Florida). Vegas I wrote about, the others I'll get to - soon. I also have a couple cool gimmick blogs in mind too, you will be entertained, I swear. Just not today. I plan to get a lot done, blog-wise, here in Florida. The Old Man's house has a pretty ideal set-up for my increasingly eccentric writing habits. I pretty much always write outside at night, and there's a table on my dad's back porch that's covered in case it rains, plus it's never cold out (Florida and all) and there's a fridge stocked with booze and beer conveniently located outside as well.

Before I go, I suppose I should mention basketball. Holy hell were my predictions bad. The three that I constantly preached were 1) KU won't lose to Michigan State in a rematch, 2) no one seeds will advance, and 3) North Carolina will lose. I should cease the Bracket Takes thing forever, a chimpanzee with a sharpie could make better picks than me.

Oh, and I wrote this for while I was in town, so I'll link it here if you want to check it out

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