Monday, April 20, 2009

Kickass, Indeed

The main purpose of this entry, for a change, bragging. I never do that.

First off, Dr. Kickass, my long-silent partner on this space and brother, is clearly living up to his moniker. He's too shy to pimp himself, so I'll have to do it. Check out his latest video here, or all of the videos at Seriously, all of them are funny, but the new one rules like crazy, and now you have a chance to be the cool one of your friends that finds it first and forwards it to everyone else. Either that, or be lame, since one of your friends will forward it to you eventually, and you'll be stuck thinking that you could have been the one to kick off the next wave in internets comedy, but nobody will believe you. Check it out, for the sake of your own street cred.

In a smaller internets related announcement, I just launched a new blog. It's at There's nothing new in it, basically just a listing of all of my Asia/Korea related posts from both this space and my old myspace blog, and it's in chronological order starting from October of 2006. There probably won't be any updates on it, just some more fine tuning here and there. It might be funny if you missed any of my old myspace shit though. I basically made it for resume purposes, so I can send prospective employers there instead of here so that they don't have to read about, say, drunken rambling in Florida.

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Geneva said...

Just drunken rambling in Asia. ;)