Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Bell and other stuff

Maybe this is stuff that I would Twitter once I am unfortunately and inevitably roped into it:

I’m pretty excited that my current default order at the Bell costs exactly $6.66 after tax

My only complaint with the Bell - anytime I go light and order fewer tacos, they put maybe 1 gram of meat and three shreds of cheese on each, so I’m still hungry afterword. Anytime I go heavy and order an extra taco, they put 4 pounds worth of filling in each, so I’m stuffed afterword. This happens 100% of the time.

Remember that girl you met on summer vacation in high school or during freshman year of college? You knew you’d have to leave her when the vacation/semester ended, so you missed her before you even left her. That’s how I feel about the Bell right now.

I’m destined to beat Zelda: Twilight Princess with 59 of the 60 Poe Souls. I’ve spent 7 hours over the last couple days looking for number 60 (and totally cheated by using the internets as well) and it’s not going to happen.

My mom and stepdad were talking about a buddy of his that goes to every James Taylor show, follows him on tour and everything. I have no problem with James Taylor, but I can’t think of a sillier artist to follow - how different can one James Taylor show be from the next?

I’m on sports withdrawal. For the first time in years, I don’t go to and the KC Star sports page every day. Sometimes I even miss two or three days straight. I place the blame on the Royals’ swoon and an uninteresting NBA finals. Football can’t start soon enough.

I start work in 5 days. I was one of 35 hired out of 1,700 applicants. Three weeks of slinging fireworks. Should be awesome. I’ll consider it a total success if I can complete one Friday crossword without Google.

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