Friday, September 18, 2009


note- this entry is a little weak. I wrote it on Wednesday and was going to edit it more, but I ran out of time. I'm posting it before I go out on Friday, as it could be completely irrelevant in a few hours. Also, I was gonna include pics, but I'm too lazy to add them since I'm on my way out the door. Sorry.

I don’t want to write another post about girls or booze. Then again, I don’t think you want to read about fantasy football, and I really don’t have anything else to talk about. I suppose, in a way, I’m undefeated on all three fronts in these early stages of the season. Fantasy football-wise, that means finally getting over my curse and beating my brother in one league, and absolutely trouncing Wiley in the other. I’ll leave the fantasy football chatter alone from here, and move on to the boozy fantasyland that is Seoul.

I’ve been here just over two weeks now, and I’ve already met more girls than I did in the 2002-2006 Chicago Era (maybe not an exaggeration here. In retrospect, the Chicago Era - not good times). By my count, I’ve had seven proper nights out since I got here, the most dull of which would have made for my most interesting girl story in the 2001 Florida Era (in retrospect, the Florida Era - not good times either). Of course, each of these nights involved staying out until late - McDonald’s breakfast late. Any of these would make for the latest night in the 2006 or 2009 Baltimore Eras (in retrospect, the Baltimore Eras - well, you get the picture).

I won’t bore you with the details on these nights out - and let’s face it, some of these details are lost to me anyway. Also, because this is a family blog, I’ll keep this this shit clean rather than getting all fucking explicit. Over my first two weekends here, I’ve gotten two girls’ numbers. I’ve made out with two girls (not the same two). I’ve met more new people than I can count (and already forgotten most of their names), I’ve bought zero drinks for girls that I was hitting on (though of course I’ve bought drinks for friend-girls and male buddies), and had one bought for me (by a girl - again, several by buddies). I’ve gotten my darts game back to near-respectability, and I’ve established street cred at the new bar in the hood. I’ve passed out on a subway and missed my stop, and I’ve been shouted down by trolls on a message board for relaying said story. Because the Daily Show was on hiatus, I have no knowledge of world events whatsoever. The Soviet Union could be back together for all I know.

However, not all is peachy in K-land. I met a girl on last Friday (‘merican girl) that I actually liked, had a great conversation with her (mostly about baseball, she brought it up). She was the one that bought me a drink, and she was real cute and flirty and huggy and cool. Of course, I didn’t get her number. D’oh. I don’t know what I was thinking. I guess I’m so used to getting numbers of girls that I’m meh about that I forgot what to do when I met somebody interesting. Guess I’ll have to use the old going back to the same bar one week later method.

I know Korea will drive me nuts again soon, but for now the honeymoon is a beaute. I never knew it could be so fun the second time around.

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