Thursday, September 24, 2009

One Last Summer Hurrah...Foiled.

So, I was hoping to blow out of town this weekend, and hit up one last adventure this Summer...the only adventure I know of that's familiar, yet exciting at the same time. I'm talking about a road trip we used to make every year, to the one and only Indiana Beach. To me, it defines Summer, and even though I haven't been for a few years, my summer doesn't feel complete without it.

It's only September. It's still warm . Nice weather to hit up a hole in the wall amusement park only 2 hours away from Chicago. I just jumped on their
website...and they closed for the season 3 weeks ago. Dammit.

It's not Disney World, or Six Flags, or even Worlds of Fun, but I don't really care about those places. Nothing really fills the void of bumper cars, pinball, and the most awesome (and probably dangerous) skyride in the world. This is our place to relax, casually stroll down the boardwalk, wait in non-existent lines for the "big" coasters, and eat some decent amusement park food you can't get anywhere else...all before night falls, when you decide to go on a quest through the haunted castle.

Some people find comfort in laying on a beach for a weekend. I'd prefer a tiny piece of land, built around a lake, where I first learned how to water-ski with my Dad and Brother. Todd even wrote a book about this place. It's not our childhood home, but it sure feels like it.

I guess it's wait till next year for IB.

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