Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Day 4

Looks like I’m more than halfway through this battle, which I suppose means I know + 7.14%. As it’s Tuesday, aka Wing Night in these parts, I opted to gather a few scraps from stories and posts that never quite made up an entire blog in and of themselves, yet have never been posted here before. It’s new material, again, so far as the public goes. Tomorrow, I swear, no more loopholes - I’m going with 100% new material that did not exist before this week. That was the plan tonight, in fact, but it turned out that I was roped into too many free whiskey shots at Wing Night, and I don’t want my 100% new thing to be half-assed (like the sports blog was).

On the U2 Bar in Busan, 4/08:
Strange things I’ve seen here - fan man, two Missouri “grads,” and some guy next to me at the bar angrily taking a document that was written in Japanese out of his satchel, scornfully looking at it, and putting it back in his satchel before storming off. He didn’t seem to be Japanese. Also, when I went to the pisser a few minutes later, I left my smokes and lighter on the bar, and somebody stole them. Two white dudes were hovering around my chair when I returned, and after inquiring about the whereabouts of my missing possessions, one of them gave me a different lighter and a different half pack of smokes (not my brand though.) It was like nothing else I’ve seen, as there were two of them, and one was bigger than me, yet they were both shitting their pants scared of me. I still don’t know if they stole my smokes, but if they didn’t, why would they give me some, and if they did, why would they give me some?

On my PL2 (low level) class, 4/07
So, I’m teaching one of my youngest classes, kids that are maybe 7 or 8 years old. The dialogue I am teaching them is “I like your (blank),” the example from the book being “I like your watch.” The book calls for a simple listen and repeat, with everybody repeating said phrase with its proper response (the response being “thanks.”) But, these little kids are smart, so I coerce them to say “I like your pencil case” or “I like your jacket” to each other.

Ten seconds into this, one of the two boys (the class is two boys and 3 girls) asks “teacher, what’s this?” (meaning, what’s the English word) as he stands up and points to his crotch. Before I could change the subject, the other boy yells out “Penis!” Immediately, the first boy says to the other, “I like your penis!” Class was pretty much over then.

On my early Facebook days, 5/08 (when I was still 100% Myspace and had maybe 4 Facebook friends. The good old days, really. I even set my official Facebook name as “Farty Fartster” back then. I miss it.)
I beat God of War 2 and finished watching every episode of The Wire and Celebrity Apprentice. I really don’t want to start a new video game on a Thursday, and plus I figure I’ll push off mastering Korean until next week. This means I pretty much have nothing to do, so I’ve been on the intertubes* a lot this week,

Tonight, I was perusing the Spacebook* and the Myface* for the first time in awhile. I hate the Facebook, and I only use it for nerdy geography games and to promote this here blog. I noticed a new feature on it tonight - “people you may know”. It’s based on mutual friends, of course. I perused the list, and it shows the potential intertubes friend picture, name, and location.
*these were all funny jokes back in 08

I actually knew, I don’t know, 87% of the people on the list. I didn’t friend anyone, of course, largely because I don’t want any social obligations on the Facebook, I just want to log in quietly every couple months or so to geek out to geography games and be done with it*. This “people you may know” feature did cause my own new nerdy and elitist geography game - judging my high-school and before acquaintances based on the city they live in now.
*really, i miss that

I come from Lawrence, Kansas, as do a large percentage of my acquaintances. This is a good starting point for this game, as the “winners” will be people living somewhere more impressive than Lawrence, and the “losers” living somewhere less impressive. Living in any major midwestern city (including KC) could be considered 1 point higher than living in Lawrence. Living in Chicago or a major coastal city could be considered a few points higher than Lawrence. Living in any Kansas town smaller than Lawrence, anywhere in Texas, or anywhere in Florida would be a point or two lower than Lawrence. Living anywhere in Missouri outside metro KC would be several points lower than Lawrence, as would anywhere in the south. Living in any Asian country outside of Korea would be several points up, Seoul would be at best a lateral move, and any other Korean city would be losing points.

On my filthy habit, 9/07

This doesn’t really fit in anywhere else, but the cigarettes in Thailand really annoyed me. Apparently, by law, they print grizzly pictures of smoker’s lungs and bad teeth and neck holes and whatnot. And yeah, I get it, smoking is bad. I never knew that, until the kind people of whatever Thai ministry determines these things decided to print these pictures. So the point of the boxes, clearly, is to make people want to quit. And for me, these pictures don’t They just make me more mad at the bullshit anti-smoking movement.

Look, again, I understand that I’ll probably die at 31*. But to the anti-smoking movement, I say, what’s it to you? Even if I didn’t smoke, I’d think the anti-smoking movement is a bunch of assholes. Any time a group has that much of an obvious ax to grind (the anti-drug people, the anti-abortion people, the NRA) I generally find myself falling in the other camp. Unfortunately, politically, the anti-smoking people tend to come from the progressive, lefty side of the aisle, which I generally fall in with. But, I just don’t see who you are helping when taxes jack smokes up to 8 bucks a pack. Demographically, smokers tend to be poor. So, when taxes are that outlandish, it creates and extraordinarily regressive tax. Smokers are generally addicted. They aren’t going to quit because the prices of smokes go up. They will just have less money for food or child care or whatever.
*Three months left to prove this right!

I would also like to note, why single out smokers with the pictures of the horrible consequences on the pack? I bought a bag of M&Ms at the same time I bought a pack of smokes in Thailand. Why not a picture of some fat bastard on the M&Ms? And later, I bought a beer. Why not a picture of say, me, on the beer bottle?

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