Thursday, December 10, 2009

Day 6

I’m not writing much tonight. Mostly, I don’t want to step on yesterday’s post, which in my opinion was easily the winner amongst these 7 for 7s. I was planning to launch an additional blog here on Day 6, but its taking longer than I thought. I can say that it will be travelly, and largely a photoblog. Don’t worry, that does not mean that I will take myself seriously as a photographer for one minute, and I won’t, like, post close-up shots of food and flowers. Anyway, a couple random statements, then I’m out -

Korean beer really tastes awful two days after opening a pitcher (kinda like a Korean 40, but not necessarily intended to drink in one sitting - and drinking straight from the bottle is verboten). I’d throw it away, but I just can’t bring myself to waste beer. I threw away some fries today because I wasn’t hungry, and I felt bad enough about that.

I watched MTV’s new show, “Jersey Shore.” last night. Wow, what a train wreck. It’s all self-proclaimed guidos. One guy has nicknamed himself “The Situation.” Another guy actually has a tanning bed in his house.

I’m pretty sure I could never be friends with anybody that referred to themselves as “The Situation” at every opportunity, nor anybody that owned his own tanning bad.

I could also never be friends with anybody who said the following:
“My favorite beer is Bud Lite.”
“I grew up in Texas, but I’m a Red Sox fan.”
“That Luke Walton seems like a stand-up guy.”
Neither of these quotes have anything to do with the show, but I feel they are pretty much sure signs of baldfaced wrongness.

It kinda sucks how everyone has their profiles set to private. Sure, I do too, but I really miss the glory days of internet stalking in 2003-2007. There are plenty of people out that that I don’t want to bother friending, but still want to make fun of their pictures.

Finally, this will be the last post off this blog that feeds directly to Facebook. Please go to tomorrow for Day 7. While you’re there, why not bookmark it, or subscribe? I’ll even make a deal with ya’ll - if I can find a way to make money writing, then I’ll move back to America.

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