Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pretty Pictures of Pretty Cities

As promised, here are some pictures of the cities that I discussed in my last post. All of the pictures were taken by me unless otherwise noted.

First off, I'll show the cities that both Forbes/Yahoo and I agreed on:


as you can see, the Chi looks great even in the neigborhoods.


Amazingly, this is the only picture that I took of Florence from within her city streets.


and my only workable exterior shots of Paris are pretty much the most cliche possible. I don't miss disposable cameras.

San Francisco

This was taken from the observation deck of the deYoung Museum in Golden Gate Park

Cape Town

This is the photo of Cape Town used in the Forbes article, as I've never been there. It's from Getty Images.


easily my best cell phone camera picture ever

The next group of pictures are cities that are on the Forbes list, but not mine.



I've never been to Sydney, so again this is from the Forbes article. Also, this, so far as I know, is the only picture ever taken of Sydney. I believe this is also provided by Getty Images, but I don't know how anybody could copyright a picture of Sydney since they all look the same.

New York

Here's why New York didn't make my cut - an awful lot of it looks like this.


ditto London.

not pictured, no reason to.

I didn't take any decent urban landscape pictures when I was in Vancouver. I didn't look for any images online to post, simply because it's pretty easy to find out what Vancouver looks like this week.

The final group of pictures are cities that I feel are more deserving of the final 6 slots on the list than the cities Forbes chose.

George Town (Penang), Malaysia

This is near central George Town.

This temple is just outside the city limits.

Honk Kong

The ghetto camera phone I was using didn't do justice to HK.


Most of my pictures from Rome prominently featured people rather than cityscape, leaving me with no choice but to run my cliche shot of the Colosseum.


The last picture I took before leaving town. I converted it B&W in post, I'm not actually pretentious enough to walk around Prague with B&W film.


I've never been there, this is the first image on Rio's Wikipedia page.


Like Rome, Paris, and Florence, most of my Amsterdam exterior pics prominently involved people, so I'm stuck with a cliche shot of Centraal Station. Still nice though, eh?

Woohoo, two gimmick posts off of one stupid article. I've officially spent more time with this silly idea than Forbes did creating it. Something different coming up next.

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