Friday, June 4, 2010

Shameless Self Promotion

I was gonna write a post tonight about a couple different things, solid ideas. Both required a bit of hashing out. A semester ended and started at work this week. This means a lot of paperwork and planning for old Jae-hak. Between work obligations and the fact that I’m right in the middle of Super Metroid, I didn’t have the time to hash out these ideas. Sorry.

I was gonna run a quality rerun instead. One (coming soon) originally ran in “The Point,” so if you are not currently in Northeast Kansas and a reader of this publication (and if you live in Larry or Topeka, you goddamn should be a reader of it) then it’s new to you. It’s a solid article.

I also considered dumping the thing I wrote two weeks ago about Korean convenience store drinking. I didn’t, because it remains crap. Trust me, lazy as I am, it’ll show up one week when I have nothing else to post.

Ultimately, I’m not running anything this week, other than this particular post that you are reading right now. This very minute. This one. Yep, still this one. Am I to 900 words yet?

I’m trying to get a couple local writing gigs. That’s the real reason I’m not posting anything new. I don’t want to step on my own toes, as my last post got massive positive response. Seriously, I’m humbled by the positive response to the last post. Comments of praise came early and often (then trailed off) from people that I really respect as writers. I figured I should delay the inevitable and bask in that for another week before getting back to our regularly scheduled girl and bar stories.

For the record, I presume the Koran electorate must have read my last post, as they shocked the pundits and voted against the president’s party on Wednesday’s elections.

I’m going to Busan this weekend. That should lead to the sort of shenanigans that generally rule the day here at NES/NAS.

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