Tuesday, June 15, 2010

We Did It!

Well people, it looks like this has become the most powerful blog in the universe. What should we go after next? I don’t want to cop Colbert too much, but if he has the Colbert Bump, then we definitely have the the NES/NAS Nudge.

Thanks to this blog, and to the readers (probably), we have singlehandedly saved the Big 12 Conference and prevented a Korean nuclear holocaust (thus far), and that’s just in the last couple of weeks. Sure, the Big 12 may have 10 now, but Nebraska and Colorado were basketball RPI liabilities. Perhaps the Big 12 could expand again, get Memphis and TCU, and add a solid basketball and football program. It could also stay at 10 and dump the football championship. Since it cost 3 different Big 12 teams bids at the real title game, it was no good anyway.

The Big 12 is the tip of the iceberg, of course. Sure, there has been no formal peace agreement between the Koreas, nor has the North ditched its nukes. Today is not the day to concern ourselves with these minor trivialities. No, now is the time to celebrate that this blog, by its lonesome, literally saved the lives of millions, at least for the time being. Your welcome.

To beat that, Taco Bell comes to Korea next month. There’s been a lot of groundswell grass-roots support for that, so I can only take 92% of the credit.

Finally, on perhaps the most important note, NES/NAS’s sister blog has been quietly doing the lord’s work. This fashion blog stated in its first post its singular goal was to bring back the midriff shirt. Well, It’s back, baby, it’s back! At least here. I’ve seen at least 10 hot girls rocking them over the last couple of weeks, which is 10 more than I’ve seen for the last 10 years. We aren’t to 1998 levels yet, but damnit, we’ll get there.

Couple of shout-outs before I go. Dr. Kickass's web series, 1000 Ideas, is back up and running for a new season. you can catch it at 1000ideas.tv/ or on the link at the upper right of this page. My old pal Cryn started a Korea Blog that's worth checking out, you can find it on my links page (once I figure out how to do that) or at southofnk.blogspot.com. And, as always, check out my buddy Jack's newspaper, The Point. You are absolutely guaranteed to learn something cool that you didn't know about beer, rock and roll, or conspiracy theories.

More to come later this week (maybe).

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C. Cryn Johannsen said...

Thanks for the shout out. I'm also for indebted to you because you saved the Big 12.