Thursday, October 28, 2010

Two Oh Oh

Welcome to post number 200. Quite a milestone there, 200. It’s a good number when referring to rushing yards in an individual football game, not so good a number regarding batting average. It’s the ideal number, in dollars, to withdraw from the ATM. Less, and it means you’re nickel and dime-ing it and making constant ATM runs. More, and it means you’re probably paying rent in cash, rarely a sign that things are going well. Under most circumstances, it’s a good weight to bench press and a bad weight to be. Does 200 mean that I’m going to go nostalgic and that I’m going to throw out a bunch of meaningless statistics? After all these posts, you should already know the answer to that.

This blog started in September of 2007. Oh, how things have changed since back then. Back then, The US was in two wars and North Korea was a crazed though starving threat near me that occasionally rattled the sabre. France was on strike. Indonesia was rife with natural disasters. Phillies slugger Ryan Howard was known for strike-outs. The Denver Broncos were heading toward a post-season free from the stresses of playing football.

Hmm, that all sounds familiar. Things must have been quite different for me personally. In fact, they were. Back then, I lived two buildings away from where I do now. My commute has gone from 7 minutes on foot to 3 minutes. Back then I bought pizza every Monday and a hot dog every Tuesday, whereas now I buy a hot dog every Tuesday and pizza every Monday. Since those long-ago days, I’ve probably met dozen of new people. I daresay I have made ones of new friends since then.

The first post on this blog was by my esteemed colleague and brother Dr. Kickass. It was about sports failures. The 199th post was by me, and the topic was similar. My first post was this blog’s third overall post, and it was a one-paragraph response to Dr, Kickass’s prior post. Like my old Myspace blog and pretentious poetry, it was written in all lowercase.

This blog’s most prolific month was its second, October of 2007 with a whopping 18 entries. The first posts that we wrote that actually garnered some comments were Kickass’s “For Title’s Sake,” which was about good and evil college teams; and my “Eighth Grade Man,” which was a post focused on making fun of my friend Don.

Three years in, I’m proud that no other space on the internets matches NES/NAS in our ability to preach the sanctity or profanity of certain sports teams. Also, certainly no other site manages so much success in the field of making fun of Don.