Friday, December 31, 2010

spy bar itaewon russian girls

Time for the final post of 2010. This post is record setting. This is the 60th post on NES/NAS this year, thus beating out 2008’s 59 for the most prolific year in the glorious history of this space.

As an unemployed drunken malcontent living in a crack house in a freezing foreign country, there’s quite a lot that I could shake my fist at right now. I feel like I’ve done enough of that lately though, so today I’m going to write about my favorite subject - this very blog. Way back in October 2008, Dr. Kickass wrote a post about silly stats related to this blog. This is a sequel of sorts. Keep in mind, Google only keeps stats back to May of 2010, so these are the only numbers I have.

Our most popular post, and by far, is my "Korea Vacation photoblog" from last August. I have no idea why it seemed to hit so well, but it is nearly four times more popular than number two, which is July’s "Breaking up with myself". In fact, 3 of the top 6 are related to quitting smoking. Number 4 really surprised me - It was "Indecision Clouds My Vision", a rerun from my old Myspace blog. Particularly interesting here - I (re)posted it in 2009, before Google’s current stats started tracking this, so this means everybody reading it was reading it well after it was posted. All of the comments are also clearly made via Google Translate, so I guess non-English speakers dug that one.

Internet Explorer users make up 45% of our audience. Since I don’t know anybody who actually still uses Internet Explorer, this stat pleased me, it means people I don’t know are reading. Speaking of people I don’t know, the country breakdown is pretty cool too. No surprise that America is number one with a bullet, and that South Korea is by far our second largest market. Canada is three. Again, no shock, I know some people currently living in Canada, and I make a lot of Canada jokes. After that, things get weird. Number 4, with only 6 fewer page views than Canada is Germany. Germany! Who knew this was the Hasselhoff of blogs? Danke schoen. I don’t know anybody in Germany, and none of my friends have been to Germany since this blog launched in the summer of 2007. Following Germany, the Czech Republic. At 8 and 9, logically, are the Ukraine and Latvia. Latvia was always my favorite Baltic. Russia rounds out the top 10. If the Soviet Union still existed, it would edge out Canada for the third spot. Spasiba, comrades.

Finally, sources that direct people to this site make for fun stats. Beyond the usual suspects like Google and Facebook, we’ve seen some traffic from Cryn and, which, of course, I appreciate the hell out of. Two keyword phrases people have used to find this site are two of the truest statements possible: “nintendo is right” and “i hate missouri.” Other search phrases that I like are “love hotels in namhae” and “4 camera sitcom.” My favorite of all has to be one that was used just today, the namesake of today’s post, “spy bar itaewon russian girls.” That alone makes the countless hours put into his puppy worthwhile.

That wraps up NES/NAS in 2010. Thanks for reading. Now, as they say here, I’m going to take a rest. I’ll re-emerge soon after a hiatus in the gutter with all the rage, self importance, misspellings, and dick and fart jokes that you’ve come to expect. Happy New Year.

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