Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Gu Project (and my ability to show restraint from the many puns I could be using here)

For the completed Gu Project posts, check out part one (Dobang, Dongdaemun, Dongjak, Eunpyeong, Gangbuk), Gu Two - (Gangdong, Gangnam, Gangseo, Geumcheon, Guro), Gu 3 (Gwanak, Gwangjin, Jongno, Jung, Jungnang), Gu IV: The re-re-re Gu-ining (Mapo, Nowon, Seocho, Seodaemun, Seongdong), and Gu V: Damn Gu-ed! (And here the series ends with Seongbuk, Songpa, Yangcheon, Yeongdeungpo, and Yongsan)

Fair warning - the project I’m working on now is a bit nerdy, but it’s also pretty cool. You know, like Michael Cera or Carl Sagan or Weird Al. Over the next few posts, I’m going to be talking about Seoul. Not surprisingly, as I’m not working, I’ve walked across more of Seoul throughout the course of the last month than I had over the past few years. As a walking nerd/city nerd/geo nerd, that’s saying something. If you are into cities, geography, Korea, travel, photography, my lame life, or nerdy blog projects, you should stick with me. If you aren’t, you’ll be able to tell if I’m still doing this in the first paragraph of each post and you can bail. Let’s face it, whatever you do after clicking on my page is your business.

Every city partitions itself into different units. New York has 5 boroughs. Paris breaks down into 20 arrondissement. Chicago, ever the political machine town, boasts 50 wards. Green Bay proudly houses 101,025 drunken assholes that consider ketchup on hot dogs a necessity. Here in Seoul, the locals call the different districts gu, of which there are 25.

Over the coming days (or hell, who knows, weeks? eons?) I’ll be writing about the Seoul gu. My original plan was one long post on all 25 gu. Later, I realized that even I wouldn’t want to read this monstrosity. My next plan was 25 posts, one per gu. This also struck me as a horrible idea. This would only make sense if I were to launch an entirely new side-project blog, and we all know I’m far too lazy for that. As evidence, check out my thriving fashion blog. Most likely, we’re looking at 5 posts, 5 gu per, if for no other reason than it’s mathematically simple.

Each post will contain one picture per gu, as this seems most democratic. Also, I know you don’t want tons of pics from each gu. Based on Blogger’s stats, my Seoul photoblog and most of my other photoblogs (except Samseong-gung, for whatever reason) have all been flops. Regardless, it will be more fun for me to choose one representative picture of each gu rather than just making this a photoblog.

End communication.

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