Monday, March 14, 2011

Bracket Takes it All (and Bundang trip)

Here we go again. If you look at last year's post or at 2009's, you can see that no other college basketball source does a worse job than this running gag. Amazingly, I am 0-8 in picking Final Four teams over the last few years. I'd have to go back to 2008's post when...

Wait a minute. I didn't write a proper "Bracket Takes" in 2008. I mostly wrote about my trip to Daejeon. And in 2008, if I remember correctly, something happened in basketball that year...

Oh yeah, that whole thing. 75-68. Maybe it's best if I don't talk hoops for the time being. Instead, I'll discuss my most recent Korean out-of-town trip.

Over the weekend, I went to the exciting wonderland of Seongnam City, specifically its Bundang district. Bundang is the Korean suburban ideal. There are parks and streams and new looking buildings and pedestrian plazas. Of course, these buildings contain the same hofs and noraebangs and convenience stores and restaurants and cell phone stores and rub-and-tugs and apartments and banks as every other nook and cranny of the country, but the architecture is slightly less soul crushing.

Bundang is also the home of Traveler's Bar and Grill, to whom I will give a shout-out for serving a delicious burger, maybe the best in Korea. Their wings and fries are good too. Really, the only weakness in Travelers' game is their ranch dressing, which tastes less like ranch dressing and more like tartar sauce that had spent a week and a half exposed to the Algerian sun. Upgrade to even a passable ranch, like Wishbone or Kraft, and Traveler's becomes the total package.

Eleswhere, there's Lost Angel. It's lamish dance club where one can have the exciting experience of being repeatedly cockblocked by Korean dudes, who are really the best in the business in that regard. Add in the club's winning 80-20 dude-chick ratio, and you've got a recipe for a really stupid night.

Anyhoo, as I did in the Daejeon post, I should at least make a final prediction in this year's tournament. I pick Kansas to win it all, of course, and they will beat, say, Florida and UCONN to do it. Mark it down. After going 0-8 since 08, I'm due. Rock Chalk.

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