Thursday, March 24, 2011

FB World

Check out this craziness-

I found it at this blog.

This photo, as noted by the blog, uses 10 million people, or under 2% of FB's total customer base. However, it seems to do enough to re-affirm several stereotypes and observations I've had about the world. In the world according to this picture:

South Korea is an island. Makes sense to me. If it were a peninsula like the locals say, than I could take a bus or train to China. I can't. Of course, this doesn't matter because outside of Hong Kong and Shanghai...

China doesn't exist. That's a lot of missing tea. It's also interesting that...

Russia, nyet, the entire Soviet Union doesn't exist
. Maybe Reagan's plan to outlaw them actually worked.

Other interesting notes that easily jibe with my world view:

The United States, Europe, and Southeast Asia are clearly the shining lights of civilization on this planet
. Latin America, India, Eastern Australia, and New Zealand appear to be the only other inhabitable lands.

Socially, Korea lags far behind developing places like Indonesia, Turkey, and the Philippines
. Yo, I don't make the data, I only examine it. Then again, I've never heard of a Turk or a Filipino fearing a fan. Of course, this is all internet based, so Cy-World (and the rest of the silly pop-up based flash graphics Internet Explorer 97 universe of the Korean internet) could be at fault.

Africa and the Middle East
- meh, that's a another blog's job.

And, of course, my personal favorite:

Canada really is the Horizontal Chile. I've said it for years.

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