Thursday, May 19, 2011


Here's an even easier post than a bottom five gimmick. This time, the writing has pretty much already been done, though to be fair, it was done by me.

It seems that I'm actually pretty famous these days. See, I write for even larger publications than good old NES/NAS, if you could imagine something larger than this, the most important blog in the world. Here's a link to my first piece in Korea's own 10 Magazine. I wrote it on Samseong-gung, a major complex in the mountains of southern Korea that just so happens to be the the subject of my most popular post ever. The link the the article is here.

Turns out, one dose of the Jaehak magic wasn't enough for 10 Magazine in my premiere issue. I also wrote about Bar Mojito. That name should be familiar to regular readers of this space, as it's run by Rain, the baller-ist bartender this side of the Pacific. I've written about Mojito and Rain many times before, most notably here. The link to the legit paper article in 10 Magazine is here.

Finally, I was recently interviewed by tour-de-force (ie HuffPo, USA Today, and indie) blogger and longtime buddy of mine Cryn Johannsen for her internet-large All Education Matters operation. You can find that interview right here.

Now all I need is for one of you to PayPal me one dollar to make me a real professional writer. Or a hook up with a real paid writing job. And an exit strategy. Maybe a girlfriend. If I can't get all that, at least hook me up with the bag of chips. Real person-hood is within reach. Baby steps.

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