Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dork. Geek. Nerd. Wanker. Turdburgler. Etc...

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Wow, I go anecdotal for a post and this blog gets creamed! It’s amazing how many people didn’t check out my last post. Message received. Tonight, I’m ditching the narrative and going mass market. Am I selling out? Um, where can I sign up?

Small backstory - a buddy at work and I were trying to explain to a Korean co-worker what a “dork” is. I decided to Google “dork,” and the first picture that I came across was pretty hilarious, and is the pic that leads off this post.

Who is this poor bastard? Does he know that he has the first non-produced picture that comes up on Google Images when somebody searches for dork? If he does, is he happy about it? I can’t decide if I would be horrified or if I would be overjoyed if it happened to me.

Basically, the rules of the game here are to google various insults, then post the first legit picture of a person that comes up. I avoided demotivationals and other memes, and I skipped celebrities, at least to the best of my knowledge. Who is the biggest fuckwad on the internet? The head nerd? The chief chode? Lets find out.













The pictures in this post, by the way, come with no permission whatsoever. I'm a lazy asshole, so I couldn't be bothered to cite all my sources. If I stole your shit, I apologize. Don't worry, based on my last post, only four people will see this anyway.

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