Friday, September 9, 2011


Sorry, I had something chambered for this week, but I still don't like it.

It's Chuseok this weekend, Korea's largest holiday. It's a three day holiday that corresponds to the lunar calender, so it's not on any set date. Sometimes it results in a 5 day weekend. Sometimes, like last year, it falls on a Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday, which essentially forces most schools here to close for the whole week. In 2008, it was Saturday-Sunday-Monday, so that sucked. Then again, if a solar calendar based Korean holiday such as Children's Day or Independnce Day happens to fall on a Sunday, everyone is fucked and nobody gets an extra day off.

This year, Chuseok causes a 4 day weekend.

Normally, I have some sort of plan for Chuseouk. Last year I parlayed it into an America trip. I've also done local trips and a Tokyo trip back in aught seven. This year, I've somehow managed to avoid planning anything. I've got 7 hours until this vast unknown weekend.

Here are some options:

1. Fly somewhere. This one is DOA, because flights cost too much last minute. Plus, I'm going to Taiwan in a couple weeks anyway.

2. Take a domestic trip. I haven't traveled anywhere in Korea in a few months, so I'd actually be really into this. Unfortunately, Chuseok is a horrible time for domestic travel. Trains are all sold out, and the traffic jams on Saturday and Tuesday will be mammoth.

3. Go to the beach. I may do it, but it's supposed to rain all weekend. Of course it is.

4. Check into the Hilltop Hotel in Itaewon and spend 4 days drinking at Polly's Kettle House. This one holds some appeal, although it would be kind of silly to stay in a hotel that's a 15 minute subway ride from my house.

5. Walk walk walk. Maybe attempt some sort of 4 day epic hike to say, Daejeon. It would be really difficult and the rain may get in the way, but this option is sounding more and more appealing, given the others.

6. The usual. Go to my usual bars, eat at the usual spots, take a couple shorter walks, spend a million hours on the internets hungover. The odds-on favorite.

7. Check into a 5 star hotel in town, just for shits and grins.

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