Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Seoul Walks

If there’s anybody who has walked around Seoul more than me, I commend him or her (no way it’s a her though). I tend to doubt any such person exists. I’m sure plenty of people have walked more cumulative miles than me about the city, but this would be based on some sort of necessity rather than my particular brand of insanity. In my case, I genuinely like walking. I also have an eternal glut of podcasts that I need to listen to. I hate most types of weather, but I’m willing to walk under almost any weather conditions. I have no fear of getting lost, and rarely do. Probably more than anything, it’s the travel thing. I love seeing new things and finding new places, and treating one of the world’s largest cities like it’s Holcomb Park is a boss way to do that.

Tonight, I’m throwing up some pictures I’ve taken around town of weird or interesting shit. I’ve posted a couple of these on FB before, but most are new. By the way, Zuckerberg, I know I’m now officially violating your intellectual property rights, as the pics that I took with my camera and then posted on FB are technically yours. Come after me, motherfucker.

This is pretty roadgeeky here. This lane says “Busan” in Korean, Korea’s second city on the other side of the peninsula. Long commitment for downtown Seoul. This is like if the George Washington Bridge had a lane saying “San Francisco.”

Yo, Seoul summer haters - this is what you have to look forward to. Trust me, it sucks.

The East Coast isn’t the only place that can flood. This is a good 30 feet above the river’s usual banks. This is last year too, not even the major flooding from this year, which I was too lazy to investigate.

How epic are my epic walks? I walked to the fucking airport. Gimpo though, not ICN. One day though...

Another spot showing how pretty this town can be.

If there’s one spot you don’t want a bad design....

Sometimes, I aimlessly end up in places like this - Noryanjgin Fish Market, Seoul’s largest. I was just trying to get to Hongdae.

A McDonald’s drive-thru in Seoul? So far as i know, this is the only one.

Yoon Seok Min, my favorite Korean baseball player came out of nowhere to throw a one-hitter. Every paper in town gave him props. Kia!

Just last week, I walked from Ilsan to Seoul. I came across a country area chock full of these spiders. They were everywhere, and they build huge webs that spanned trees.

Here, you can see how big they were. They were easily the largest spiders I’ve seen outside of Malaysia. I’ve never seen spiders like this in town or on any mountain or countryside area in the country. On this mile-long or so stretch between central Ilsan and the Seoul city limits, they were everywhere.

Outer Goyang City, between Ilsan and Seoul. I didn’t expect this. Pastoral landscapes, right within the second most-populous urban area in the world.

I ended up gate-crashing a large Christian rock concert. I was easily spotted, since I was the guy holding a beer.

In conclusion, Seoul is a land of contrasts. Walking rules.

On this topic, I had an even crazier walk over the long weekend. More to come, most likely.

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